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Let's be real here, there's no fit all mission for this industry. For some clients who love the camera and have rocked a few sessions before, the mission might be to capture over-the-top outfits and dramatic posing. For others who are on the camera-shy side, the mission might be to fake it till you make it and capture cute candid's between posing. My mission is always to uncover what your hopes and fears are for the session, and to reach and combat them together!

I believe in tangible memories for future generations to enjoy - for this reason, no matter what package you choose, your session always includes full rights to download, save, share, and print your images.

No additional costs or charges, ever.

Is Lo a good fit for me?

One of my top goals as a human, not just as a photographer, is for others to feel completely themselves when we are together; everyone deserves a space to exist without judgement or feeling the need to put up walls or façades. 

I LOVE to capture LOVE. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations - let me and my camera at 'em all! 

My sessions are full of exploring new locations, and making memories along the way. Sometimes a little dirt makes its way onto your clothes...sometimes you end up running fully clothed into a lake.


Up for either?

Jonah & Abi - Wedding (143).jpg


Get cozy with your boo wherever feels right - at home, in a park, or at your favorite brewery - let's capture your love in all it's natural glory.


Grab the whole crew and play outside while I snap some memories!

Now offering: Birthday, Kiddo, & Small Family Sessions at the brand new Lo Brands It Photography Studio location!


Celebrate the end of an era!

Senior packages can be customized to include studio headshots, personalized graduation invitations, and more. 

Grand Ledge grads automatically receive 20% off their package just for being awesome.

...and more!

Let's have some fun! Come at me with your creative and unique ideas for discounted week day sessions.

Here for branding and business photography? Check out more about small business options and services below.



It's always been photography.

Where it all began. 

I always had a camera glued to my hand as a kid. I was constantly snapping away at my friends jumping on the trampoline, my dog laying in the shade, or the way my shadow stretched out on the hot pavement in the summertime sun. I would run to my backyard dark room and crack open the imaginary film, rub it with a very specially mixed potion of dirt, moss, and other goodies, and await my images. They were picture perfect each time. 

Eventually, my imagination outgrew my grandmother's old non-working camera (which sits proudly on the shelf beside my office) and it was time to have a real camera, that took real pictures. And boy did I. For years to come I cycled through various film and DSLR cameras and lenses, perfecting my version of photography.


In 2009, someone asked me to take Senior Portraits...I had never photographed anyone for a purpose greater than being part of one of many photo collages covering my binders and locker, so this was a pretty big deal. I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but jumped in with so much excitement it's a miracle the photos weren't blurry from my hands shaking. From that day forward, I was consistently shooting several shoots a month while going to school and balancing various other full-time jobs in childcare, retail, and insurance. I also obtained a marketing degree along the way, along with several other valuable paths into nursing, human nutrition, and sports medicine - each exciting and somewhere I could have succeeded, but none a path that lead to (what I believe) I was meant to do.


Eventually, in February of 2020, my hubby and I decided it was time for me to make the leap - I quit my corporate job and jumped in full time as a photographer and designer. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly hit a few weeks later, making the transition a bit more interesting and challenging than the traditional start-up business experiences, but with the loyal support of an amazing client base, Lo Brands It was able to take off and make it through the first year of business with our doors still wide open for the next. In 2021 I expanded to add the first ever Lo Brands It Photography Studio on Saginaw Highway in Grand Ledge, which was an incredible start to growing my business that I could have never dreamed of just a few short years ago. I also made a huge investment into my business by putting Lo Brands It into a sought after group of photographers who have upgraded to mirrorless technology in our camera bodies and full frame lenses. 


Now, entering 2022, I'm proud to be carefully curating a new space with the help of our best friends at 1945 Event Co. Located in downtown Grand Ledge in a historic Bridge Street building, this new space will be not only a studio and showroom, but a place for the community to enjoy and gather in.

All these years later, here I am still shaking in the car on my way to a shoot, still rushing home to upload and pick out those favorite soon-to-be sneak peeks. The business may have grown, but the photographer is still the same...that little wild child with an imaginary dark room is still inside of me just dying to get her camera in hand.


My stance on photography has always, and will always remain the same: capture. print. remember. Tangible memories. A photo you can hold. 


For that reason, you will never be required to pay for prints with Lo Brands It. All images are provided with full copyright release to download, share, and print, so you may enjoy the treasured memories for years - even generations - to come. 

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