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So what is Lo all



I'm Laura, but my friends call me Lo.


I was born and raised in the small town of Grand Ledge, Michigan - the most adorable Hallmark-movie town you'll ever least I think so :)

I still live in GL today, right down to buying a home here in 2016...but not just any home; I bought the house I grew up in as a kid! After years of renovations, my husband and I adore our little 1800s farm house in the country and all of the memories we've made there. Grand Ledge is HOME, and I'm proud to host my photography studio right in the heart of downtown at 225 N. Bridge Street. 


A little about me: 

I was definitely born in the wrong era. Like seriously, I trust God and the Universe in almost all things, but someone really made an oopsie not dropping me down into the 1970's. If you see me out and about in my bell bottoms and suede purse, yes I know it's not Halloween. It's kind of like when spring isn't quite here yet, but you wear the t-shirt anyways because mayyyybe it'll help spring actually come...well, maybe one day I'll wake up and it's 1973. I can dream right?

I tried really, really hard not to be a photographer. It was always my passion, but I let self-doubt run the conversation for a very long time, convincing myself I would never be good enough and there would never be enough people wanting photos. After over 10 years of 'just one more' session on the side, I finally took the leap to leaving my corporate job and becoming a full-time photographer in February of 2020.

I will talk classic rock, plants, and actual rocks with you all day. From the Eagles to Mullein to Jaspers, I will talk about any kind of rock - musical or mystical - and any kind of plant with you for hours. My house is FILLED to the brim with vinyl records, plants hanging in every window, and at least a solid 10 to 15 very pretty, very special rocks in every room.

You've probably realized by now I'm a little weird...but hey, aren't we all?

Laura and Eric Elopement (341 of 411)_ed

photo by The Steph Photo Co.

My hubby Eric, and our rescue baby Millie - this was our elopement day!


Last year we built a 180 square foot veggie garden - it's my favorite part of our property!

millie hiking.jpg

I LOVE being outdoors - camping, hiking, exploring. . . and of course Miss Millie comes, too!

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